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The Weekly UpSkill

Join our adult executive function skills newsletter to elevate your organizational and decision-making abilities alongside a community dedicated to growth and success.


Gain exclusive insights and practical strategies each week, designed to help you conquer procrastination, excel in your career, and enhance your daily life.

WHEN: Every Sunday 

HOW LONG: 5 minutes is all you need to read it. 

How will you grow? 

What if you had a step-by-step guide to enhance your executive function skills?

Are you eager to take your executive function skills to the next level? Join our vibrant community of like-minded adults who are committed to personal growth and success. Our weekly newsletter is your key to unlocking enhanced organization, productivity, and decision-making.

By subscribing, you'll gain exclusive access to expert insights, practical strategies, and valuable tips tailored to your needs. Whether you want to conquer procrastination, excel in your career, or simply improve your daily life, our newsletter is the resource you've been searching for.

Don't miss out on this opportunity for self-improvement and empowerment. Join us today and embark on a journey of personal and professional growth like never before! Subscribe now to supercharge your skills and achieve your goals.

Eric Kaufmann, M. Ed., ET/P 

Who is this newsletter for?

  1. Neurodivergent adults with ADHD or Autism

  2. Parents or conservators who want to accompany their neurodivergent adult children or clients in completing the course.

  3. Professionals who want to review a model that works for helping neurodivergent adults develop executive function skills.  

When will I get the newsletter?

Expect the newsletter in your inbox at 9 AM PT, every Sunday

This newsletter IS for you if...


You find yourself scribbling to-do lists on random scraps of paper but never actually ticking off the items, eager to harness effective time management and organizational tactics.


You're eyeing a promotion or looking to stabilize your current job amidst fears of being overlooked, ready to sharpen your executive function skills to stand out.


Every month feels like a scramble to pay bills, despite your best intentions to save, and you're determined to build a financial plan that sticks.

This newsletter is NOT for you if...


You're the go-to person for organizing office events or managing complex projects effortlessly, with a proven track record in time and task management.


Independent research and piecemeal learning from blogs and podcasts are your preferred methods for personal growth, rather than a comprehensive course.


Your daily routines are seamlessly integrated with effective habits, from managing your inbox to planning your finances without seeking new strategies.

Will this be you?

Hi, I'm Eric 👋

I'm the co-founder of UpSkills Specialists and a professional executive function coach. 

As a mentor in executive function coaching, I empower individuals like you to realize that a joyful and productive life is within your reach. Ever dreamed of feeling calm and collected, while also managing your daily to do's and making confident strides to your ideal life? It's possible. 


Through our adult executive function skills program, I help you to achieve exactly this. Each class is built on a potent mix of mindset enhancement and organizational frameworks. Whether you are an aspiring a neurodivergent adult just making the leap into adulthood or a late-diagnosis individual looking for guidance, I've got your back.


This program has been proven effective — we have guided dozens of clients towards the creation of their own rewarding, organized, and successful lives. Now is the time to shift focus from overwhelm and exhaustion to clarity and motivation. 


With my help, you can take ownership of your life and become the architect of your own organized journey.



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