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What is person-centered planning in California?

Are you seeking ways to take control of your life and decisions? Or support a loved one in this process?

Do you wonder how person-centered planning and self-determination can play a role in enhancing your executive function skills?

This article is tailored for individuals exploring the intersection of personal empowerment and executive function improvement. We delve into how person-centered planning, a key component in self-determination, can be a powerful tool in your journey towards greater autonomy and effectiveness.

Whether you're navigating this concept for the first time or looking to deepen your understanding, our resources are designed to assist you in the journey.

Continue reading to learn how our free tools and guidance can support your path to self-determined success.

What is person-centered planning?

Person-centered planning in California refers to a process that empowers individuals with disabilities, including those with ADHD, to take an active role in planning their services and supports.

This approach focuses on the individual's strengths, preferences, and goals. It's often used in the context of receiving services from state and local agencies, ensuring that the person's unique needs and aspirations drive the planning process rather than fitting them into pre-existing service models.

Who leads person centered planning?

Person-centered planning is typically led by the individual who is receiving the services, often with the support of a facilitator. The individual, who is at the center of the planning process, guides the discussion based on their personal goals, preferences, and needs. The facilitator's role is to assist in organizing the meeting, encouraging participation, and ensuring the individual's voice remains central to the planning process.

Other participants may include family members, friends, professionals, and service providers who are part of the individual's support network. The collaborative nature of this process ensures that the plan reflects the individual's desires and is realistic and achievable, given the available resources and support systems.

How do I find an indepedent facilitator in California?

To find an independent facilitator for person-centered planning in California, you have several resources at your disposal:

The California Self-Determination Network Website

The easiest and fastest way to find an independent faciltator is by using the California Self-Determination Network website. You can visit that website by clicking here.

On the California Self-Determination Network website you will find many resources including:

  • A list of Independent Facilitator

  • A list of service providers

  • Information on your regional center

  • Principles of Self-Determination

The California Department of Developmental Services

The CA Department of Developmental Services offers information on independent facilitators, who assist participants in making informed decisions about individual budgets, locating, accessing, and coordinating services and supports consistent with the participant’s Individual Program Plan (IPP). You can contact them for more information at 833-421-0061 or via email at More details can be found on their website.

These resources should help you in locating an independent facilitator suitable for your needs in California.

How can I connect with parents, Independent Facilitators and other individuals with disabilities?

There are a number of helpful groups and forums where you can get your questions answered. Check out the following links for more support:

How can an independent facilitator help me receive executive function coaching?

An Independent Facilitator (IF) can significantly aid you in accessing adult executive function coaching, especially if you're involved in self-determination programs in California.

They help by understanding your specific needs related to executive functioning and creating a personalized plan that includes executive function coaching. This planning focuses on your goals, like improving time management, organization, and decision-making skills.

Additionally, an IF can guide you in managing and allocating any available funding or resources effectively, which can be used to pay for coaching services. They can assist in finding suitable executive function coaches, coordinate these services with your other supports, and adjust plans as your needs evolve.

For more detailed information and to find an IF in California, utilize the resources above or check out the Independent Facilitators listed in our directory.

How does executive function coaching help with person-centered planning?  

Executive function coaching indirectly supports person-centered planning by enhancing skills essential for independence and self-advocacy.

Coaches focus on developing organization, time management, goal-setting, and decision-making abilities. These improved skills enable individuals to clearly articulate their needs and goals, a crucial component of person-centered planning.

By building these executive function skills, individuals gain the confidence and capability to participate actively in their planning process. This participation is vital for the plan to truly reflect their personal aspirations and needs, fostering greater self-determination and independence in managing their own lives.

If you want to learn more, book a free strategy session with Eric, below:

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Sean McCormick is the Co-Founder of UpSkill Specialists. As a former public school special education teacher, Sean has made it his mission to ensure all people have access to high quality executive function coaching services. He lives in Northern California with his wife and two children.

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