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In this on-demand masterclass, Eric will guide you through:

1. How to pick a single, impactful goal

2. Create an actionable plan

3. Build the habits and skills you need to succeed

With real-life examples, practical tools, and guaranteed progress for committed individuals, this session is your first step towards a more organized life.

Adult Executive Function 101: the course

We know adulting is HARD. 

It demands strong executive functions. Whether it's being on time, meeting deadlines at work, or keeping track of personal belongings.

To help you develop what we believe are the most critical executive function skills, we crafted a specialized course that will pay off for the rest of your life. 

You will...

  • improve your relationships 

  • reduce anxiety 

  • have the potential to increase your income 

  • live the life you dream of 

Click here to complete the cohort application.

What is Adult Executive Function 101?

This is a LIVE course held over 6 modules. Each meeting is 45 minutes.

After working one-on-one with numerous neurodivergent adults, we've uncovered the top 6 skills barriers to successful adulting. We also know that not everyone can afford one-on-one coaching. That's why we created this course: adult executive function 101.

EVERY class will include:

  • instruction in a key EF skill 

  • Q&A time 

  • one key assignment 

  • a quiz to test your mastery of the topic

What are the modules? 

1. Learn how to plan your priorities 🎯

  • calendaring

  • assess and choose MITs (most important tasks)

2. Learn to get started (task initiate) 🔨

  • discover why you procrastinate

  • evidence-based strategies to start tasks

3. Learn how to keep things tidy 🧺

  • develop systems to keep track of belongings

  • create your ideal workspace

4. Learn how to find and keep a job 🧹

  • manage time efficiently

  • meet personal deadlines

5. Learn how to communicate effectively 🗣️

  • email communication and management

  • start and hold meaningful conversations

6. Learn how to budget 🤑

  • develop a system you can stick with

  • save more money than you spend

How much does this cost? 

We are offering this course for the ridiculously low price of $97. 

This will be the only time it costs this much. We are also offering a guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase at any point during the course, we will refund you in full. 

Click here to complete the application.

What if I can't make every session?

All sessions will be recorded so you can view them at any time. 

When is this course? 

All meetings are on Wednesdays at 10am Pacific time on the following dates:

  • Meeting 1: Wednesday, May 01 - Learn how to plan your priorities 🎯

  • Meeting 2: Wednesday, May 08 - Learn to get started (task initiate) 🔨

  • Meeting 3: Wednesday, May 15 - Learn how to keep things tidy 🧺

  • Meeting 4: Wednesday, May 22 - Learn how to find and keep a job 🧹

  • Meeting 5: Wednesday, May 29 - Learn how to communicate effectively 🗣️

  • Meeting 6: Wednesday, June 05 - Learn how to budget 🤑

Click here to complete the application. 

Have a question? 

Send me an email or leave a comment.

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About the author

Eric Kaufmann, M.Ed is a Professional Educational Therapist and Certified Executive Function Coach. He is the Co-founder of UpSkill Specialists, an online adult executive function coaching company designed to guide adults in overcoming disorganization, procrastination, and productivity roadblocks so they can unlock their potential. Eric is also the founder of Elevate Learning Solutions, an Educational Therapy practice located in San Clemente, CA, that guides students with neurological differences toward becoming independent and confident students and self-leaders.

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About 👋

Upskill Specialists was founded when two former special education teachers turned executive function coaches decided that adults need tools and coaching to improve their workplace skills and feel confident and empowered. Our mission is to ensure every adult with EF challenges has access to high-quality coaching services. 

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